Fallen Crest Campout|Blog Tour

Goodreads Summary: Sam and Mason return to Fallen Crest for a camping trip. They head north, meeting up with a few friends from Roussou and enjoy a night of booze, some leapfrogging, and there’s a small therapy session to air out some tension in the group. Empty chair, anyone? Enjoy a novella crossover between the … More Fallen Crest Campout|Blog Tour


Getaway House

Amidst everything going on in the world, this trip to a getaway house was perfect timing. What also made this perfect was the fact that I had this booked way in advance before all the craziness had taken over. This trip was actually going to be just me and my pup because my significant other … More Getaway House

Europe 2019: France – Chamonix, Mont Blanc|Blogmas Day 15

Hiya Friends! Today is my third post in my travel series and it is all about Chamonix, France. Before even going on my trip I kept pronouncing Chamonix as “Sham-oh-nix”, only to find out that I was saying it wrong and is pronounced “Sham-oh-knee.” This little area in France is again surrounded by Italy and … More Europe 2019: France – Chamonix, Mont Blanc|Blogmas Day 15