Germany – Stuttgart|Oktoberfest

Hiya Friends!

I know it has been a while since I have posted (last time I did was in the middle of Blogmas). I actually took the time off to enjoy the holidays with family, ended up having some family things to take care of, and started training in a new position at work. My new year started off very busy, but one of my goals for this year is to grow my blog and make it a priority because I love sharing with you guys.

I am starting back up with another post about my travels. This time about my trip to Stuttgart, Germany where one of my friends is living currently because her and her boyfriend are in the Navy and are stationed out there, so what better time to visit then when you have people you know out there!

I traveled to Stuttgart from Zurich, Switzerland by train, which was about a two hour train ride. We learned from my friend that Stuttgart is the 6th largest city in Germany and is surrounded by many hills, which you can see in the photo below. It also an industrial city, with many large companies in the city, such as Porsche and Mercedez-Benz. Two of my most memorable moments while in Stuttgart was wine picking with my friend and celebrating Oktoberfest or Volksfest in Stuttgart.

My friend Dannah told my boyfriend and I that we were going to be doing manual labor and go wine picking. She is still very new to the area and has not met many people and this event was for individuals who have family members in the military and is a way for them to socialize, so we decided to join. It was cold and rainy when we went, but we had so much picking and eating grapes. We also met some awesome women; my boyfriend was the only male in the group (whoops!), and when we were done the wife of the owner of the vineyard made of pumpkin/squash soup with a handmade pretzel. I have never had something soo delicious! Plus we got to have wine from the vineyard! Another great perk was we got to take home two bottles for free for our labor.

We also got to enjoy Volksfest; which is similar to Oktoberfest, but is smaller and instead of it being in Munich it is held in Stuttgart. The day before we were going to celebrate, my friend and I went around Stuttgart looking for a dirndl dress for me and an outfit for my boyfriend. The shopping area where I found my dress was filled with women and girls last minute shopping for their outfits. Now I have an Oktoberfest outfit for next time!

The four of us had beautiful weather that day, saw live music shows and walked around the flea market area. We also enjoyed plenty of beer and danced to German music with random people we met. It was a good time and enjoyed the day. Plus it was wonderful to visit with my friend who I had started my nursing career with.


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