Help with a Prompt|April TBR| O.W.L.s Readathon

Hiya Guys!

I hope all of you are keeping well and staying safe during this weird time we are in.

I always look forward to spring with the onset of warmer weather and longer days, but what with social distancing and all, its not going to be something I will be able to enjoy with friends. The only way I can enjoy the days is when I workout in my backyard and when I need to take my pup for a walk because she still needs exercise.

One of the things I am looking forward to this month is the O.W.L.s Read-a-thon hosted by Book Roast. This is my first year participating and the career that I am choosing is Healer, because I am a nurse in real life and want to be a healer in the magical world too! For this career, I have 5 set prompts to read and then 3 others that I get to choose.

  • Charms – Lumos Maxima: Read a book with a white cover
  • Defense of the Dark ArtsGrindylows: Read a book set in the sea/coast

I actually don’t have a book for this one, so please let me know any suggestions you have for this prompt

  • Herbology – Mimbulus mimbletonia: Book title must start with an (M)
  • PotionsShrinking Solution: read a book under 150pgs
  • TransfigurationAnimagus Lecture: Book that includes shapeshifting

The other three prompts that I am choosing to complete are:

  • Ancient RunesHeart Rune: Heart on cover or title
  • History of MagicWitch Hunts: Book featuring witches/wizard
  • Muggle Studies – Book from a perspective of a muggle: Contemporary

What are you planning to read in April? Are you going to be participating in this readathon or is there another one that you are participating in?


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