Getaway House

Amidst everything going on in the world, this trip to a getaway house was perfect timing. What also made this perfect was the fact that I had this booked way in advance before all the craziness had taken over. This trip was actually going to be just me and my pup because my significant other was going to be visiting one of his high school friends out of state and I wanted to getaway as well since I wasn’t going to travel with him for as long as he was going to be away, but he ended up not going because of everything starting to go on and he joined me and the pup on this trip.

I found out about getaway house as an advertisement on Instagram. I looked into it and watched several YouTube videos about it and read multiple blog posts of people who had gone and what their experience was like. Getaway House has multiple locations, but the one I went to was located in Big Bear. The house is super tiny and consists of a large queen bed, a small kitchen with basic cooking and eating utensils as well as small food items that you can buy to make meals like pasta, coffee, olive oil, etc. They even have a shower and restroom, in case you were wondering. The biggest feature of course is the huge window it has, which offers a stunning view of Big Bear.

I’m not going to lie, I made my boyfriend do a mini photoshoot with me and our dog because the view was beautiful. We got some amazing pictures and created wonderful memories. We even got to see snow fall from the huge window.

Getaway House has everything you need in this tiny little home. There is a small kitchen with a stove and they provide you with a few cooking utensils, such as a pot, pan, bowls/plates, and mugs. They also have snacks and meal items that you can use to make your food, but my boyfriend and I packed our own food to use during our time there. The only thing I ended up having to use that they offered was olive oil because I forgot to pack it.

Getaway house also offers a lock box where you can place your phone if you want to really disconnect. They still have wifi and phone service, because we did use our phones for photos and navigation, but other than that we did put our phones away to chat, read and spend time together, which was really nice for both of us and our pup. I definitely want to check out their other locations in other states because I think it would be great to see the difference.

Hopefully you all are staying safe and are doing well with social distancing. I know it can be rough, but hopefully you have found activities to keep you busy!


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