Getaway House

Amidst everything going on in the world, this trip to a getaway house was perfect timing. What also made this perfect was the fact that I had this booked way in advance before all the craziness had taken over. This trip was actually going to be just me and my pup because my significant other … More Getaway House

Europe 2019: France – Chamonix, Mont Blanc|Blogmas Day 15

Hiya Friends! Today is my third post in my travel series and it is all about Chamonix, France. Before even going on my trip I kept pronouncing Chamonix as “Sham-oh-nix”, only to find out that I was saying it wrong and is pronounced “Sham-oh-knee.” This little area in France is again surrounded by Italy and … More Europe 2019: France – Chamonix, Mont Blanc|Blogmas Day 15

Europe 2019 Part 2: Italy- Gran Paradiso National Park|Blogmas Day 11

Hiya Friends! I’m bringing you part two of my travel series and this time I am going to be talking about my time in Italy. After hiking the Matterhorn I left Switzerland and headed to Italy. I made a stop at the St. Bernard sanctuary where they are kept and it was one of the … More Europe 2019 Part 2: Italy- Gran Paradiso National Park|Blogmas Day 11

Europe 2019 Part 1: Switzerland -Zermatt|Blogmas Day 7

Hiya Friends! Welcome to Day 7 of Blogmas! I figured that during blogmas I would start this travel series where I discuss where I have been, share some photos and tell you about my favorite things about the place. First up is Switzerland! Switzerland was my first stop in my Europe adventure. In Switzerland, I … More Europe 2019 Part 1: Switzerland -Zermatt|Blogmas Day 7

Hiking Half-Dome

Hiya Bookish Friends! Today I am bringing you a different kind of post that I sometimes do on my blog, which is a post about my camping trip and hike up half dome. I did this hike with one of my friend at the end of August and it was one that had been on … More Hiking Half-Dome

Big Island Time

Hiya Friends! Sorry for being so quiet on my blog the past few weeks. I have been busy working quite a bit prior to my vacation and was always too exhausted and unmotivated to write anything, however I am back and wanted to write about something a bit different than I usually do. I I … More Big Island Time

Atlantis Books

During once of my recent travels, i happened to stumble upon Atlantis Books located in the town of Oía, Santorini. The founders of this bookstore had visited Santorini and were astonished that the town had no bookshop, so they opened one of their own, joking how one day their own children would run it. Absolutely … More Atlantis Books